Venom RAT Android + Windows Hacking Tool

It is the best remote administration tool for android devices. This hacking tool can help you remotely access anyone android device and you can remotely control their device by using this powerful mobile hacking software.

It is a stable and very good working remote administration tool for android devices used by hackers to hack people’s cell phones by using this dangerous android rat. I can give you below download link  Venom RAT Android + Windows

Venom RAT Android + Windows  Software Remote Administration Tool A quality remote administration tool was the top request we had from our macro exploit users, and that’s how Venom RAT Android + Windows

Venom RAT It is the latest RAT ( Remote Access Tool ) in the hacker,s market which supports windows operating systems. It can create a powerful 

Venom RAT Propose Change. There is no description at this point. References

The malware in question is named Venom Software or VenomRAT, a remote access Trojan (RAT) currently on sale on various forums on the darkweb Venom RAT Android + Windows

It is the latest RAT ( Remote Access Tool ) market which supports windows operating systems. It can create a powerful

What is venom rat?

Venom RAT can attack Android IOS Windows XP, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10 operating systems. Like all RATs, Venom Rat also grants a Criminal Hacker direct access to the infected system. Venomrat has the functionality of : Exfiltration: files in victim Device

What is venom software used for?

Venom, which is short for Virtualized Environment Neglected Operations Manipulation, is basically a bug in popular data center software that if exploited enables cybercriminals to gain remote access to any virtual machine in a data center

What is Venom rootkit?

The Linux VENOM rootkit is a two-component malicious software aimed at maintaining unauthorised access on compromised Linux systems. It requires root privileges to be installed, and relies on: A lightweight Linux Loadable Kernel Module, providing an additionnal port-knocking service for the userland backdoor Venom RAT Android + Windows

When a hacker sends any malicious file to the victim to get into there system, most of the tool doesn’t bypass the antivirus (AV) protection. But today we will talk about a tool that can bypass the antivirus protection and compromise the victim’s machine. Our Ethical hacking researcher are always find the  easy ways to bypass Antivirus protection,

however there are many more way to bypass antivirus protection. Today we see how Venom RAT is used to compromise any target system even if the antivirus is enables.At the time Venom RAT was offered at these costs: one month at US$150, three at $350, and six at $550. But This is Free

About Venom RAT tool , It use C# programming to build. It is a Latest Remote Access Tool in the hackers community which can easily bypass any antivirus in Android +windows operating system . It can provide FULLY UNDETECTABLE (FUD) payload for your victims. Venom RAT Android + Windows

It is officially build by the Venom Team and cracked by avinfock hacker. With this RAT we get most power full and new features.This Venom RAT tool has many advanced features like rootkit features through which we can create invisible and undetectable payload. It also has advanced features like Hidden RDP and Hidden VNC Viewer etc.   

Windows Features Venom RAT Android + Windows

There are many powerful , new or useful features that are used in this RAT ( Remote Access Trojan ). This is a paid RAT But we are providing you a cracked version of it. This is  why It has many new features and some of its features are mentioned below. Venom RAT Android + Windows

Windows Features

  • Clients control
  • IPv4 & IPv6 Support
  • Protocol Buffers
  • Encrypted Communication
  • Rootkit
  • Hidden Process
  • Hidden File
  • Hidden Startup
  • Remote WebCam
  • Update
  • Disconnect
  • Reconnect
  • Uninstall
  • Remote system
  • System information
  • File manager
  • Startup manager
  • Task manager
  • Remote shell
  • TCP connection
  • Reverse proxy
  • Registry editor
  • Elevate client permissions
  • Turn-off
  • Turn-on
  • Stand-by
  • Remote control
  • Remote desktop
  • Remote webcam
  • Keylogger
  • Remote microphone
  • Velos stealer
  • Remote execute
  • Visit website
  • Show message box
  • Hidden vnc viewer
  • Hidden rdp
  • Pastebin uploader
  • Binder
  • Word exploit
  • Ring 3
  • Rootkit
  • Assembly
  • Keylogger
  • Recovery
  • Anonfile uploader
  • Stealer

Android Feature

  • File manager
  • Calls manager
  • SMS manager
  • Contacts manager
  • Location manager
  • Account manager
  • Camera manager
  • Audio recorder
  • Shell terminal
  • Applications
  • Keylogger
  • Settings
  • Phone
  • Client
  • Chat
  • Client name
  • Country
  • Flag
  • Adress
  • GPS
  • Model
  • Version & Api Level
  • Monitor sms & calls
  • Merge
  • Hide
  • Listen port
  • Build client
  • Settings
  • Logs
  • Etc many more.

How To Install In Kali Linux Venom RAT

1. First of all Conect Your Kali Linux Device Internet

2. Download and extract zip file

3. Now unzip it

4. Run Venom Rat Tool

5. Choose No

6. Choose Android Or Windows Hacking

7. Enjoy.

Download Venom RAT Android + Windows

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