Slayer Leecher Online Accout Password Cracker

Slayer Leecher It is a high-quality combo maker tool that is used for online account cracking. You can download slayer leecher v0.6 for free from our website

SLayer Leecher has reached the end of its life, no more support will be provided for it. So I decided to put the source code for Online Password Cracker

It is a high-quality combo maker tool that is used for online account cracking. It is the latest version of accounts leecher software which has many advanced and new features.

It is coded by the X-Slayer team. It is used by hackers and account crackers. They are making a huge amount of money from this tool.

They used the slayer leecher 6 tool and grabs a fresh updated and huge combo list from this tool and then they will sell this huge combo list to other people who crack online accounts.

It works in both modes. Proxy mode and non-proxy mode. If you have updated proxies then you can also use proxies in it for better results. If you have no proxy list then don’t work. It also works proxy less.

I provide you keywords list file along with that software which makes your work easier. It contains so many popular websites keywords list which helps you to grab online combo lists of the specific websites.


There are many latest and advanced features added in this SLAYER Leecher Software from that some are mention below.

  • Keyword search
  • Combo maker
  • Load links
  • Proxy
  • Non-Proxy
  • Multiple threads
  • Remove duplicates
  • Support latest browsers
  • Dumb fresh combos
  • Updated sites list
  • Keywords filter
  • Grab
  • Filtring
  • Combo Search
  • Mail list collect
  • Password collect
  • E-mail password combo generator
  • User grab
  • Password grab

If you want to work manually then click on the search button in this free Slayer Leecher software and then enter your keyword like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Spotify, etc and then click on the grab button.

Download Slayer Leecher Password Cracker Free

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