Remcos Rat V1.7 Professional Cracked

Remcos Rat V1.7 Professional nteractive malware hunting service. Live testing of most type of threats in any environments. No installation and no waiting necessar

 Remcos Rat V1.7 Professional Full Version Free is a great Remote Administration Tool for remotely controlling, accessing and monitoring devices.

The Professional Edition of Remcos adds many features to the basic Free edition: Unlimited remote controlled machines; Automatic Tasks; Surveillance functions 

Remcos lets you extensively control and manage one or many computers remotely. It’s the perfect solution if you need to use your PC from a remote location,

Remcos is a fully-functioning RAT that gives the threat actor full control over the infected system and allows them to collect keystrokes, audio, video

Control remotely your computers, anywhere in the world.

Remcos lets you extensively control and manage one or many computers remotely.

It’s the perfect solution if you need to use your PC from a remote location,
or if you need to oversee an entire network of computers from a single spot, having full control on each one of them.

Remcos has been designed to provide performance, speed and lightweight operation,
by unleashing the full power of C++ and Delphi programming languages.

Remote Administration
Either you are a private user wanting to control your PC from afar,
or a big company which wants to administrate hundreds of machines from a single computer,
Remcos will suit your needs!
With Remcos, you can control at the same time all the computers of your house, company, factory, school or classroom.

Remote Support
Easily perform remote support sessions,
thanks to the integrated Remote Desktop and Chat functionalities.

Remote Surveillance
Remcos is powerful solution to remotely monitor your house or business.
Remcos let’s you ensure that nobody is performing unwanted actions on your computer.
You will be able to monitor unauthorized access and insider threats.
You can use Remcos also as an ambiental surveillance station:
Instead of having to buy cameras or microphones, you will just use the ones of your computers.

Remote Anti-Theft
Someone stole your computer?
Use Remcos to take pictures of him from camera, and track IP address to find where your computer is located.
Retrieve your files easily to a safe location,
and then delete them on your remote computer, to prevent the thief accessing your data.
Wipe out stored cookies and passwords, to prevent the intruder from logging into your accounts.

Remote Proxy
Use Remcos as a reliable proxy using the SOCKS5 protocol:
route your internet traffic via your remote machines, bypass internet censorships, blocks and restrictions.
Supports SOCKS5 in both Direct and Reverse modes.A wide array of functions, contained in a tiny package.The agent part, written in C++, is only ~100 kb uncompressed.
That’s because performance has always been a priority in the development, as well as maximum compatibility with any Windows system.

Remcos Professional Remote Administration Tool is an extensive yet powerful remote control software through which you can control your computer system remotely anywhere in the world. Moreover, it can also be used to administrate one or many other PCs fully.

Remote Support

It is used to perform easily remote support sessions, all thanks to the integrated remote desktop and chat facilities.

Remote Surveillance                                         

This is a powerful solution to monitor your business, terminals, and house remotely. It also informs you when someone gains unauthorized access or performs unwanted actions on your computer system.

Moreover, it can also be used for surveillance of the surrounding room as well as the area. The best part is that you just need to use one of your computers and you would not need to buy cameras or microphones.

Have you lost your laptop? Well, you can now use Remcos to track down the location of your computer, take clicks from the camera, retrieve the files to a safe place very quickly as well as prevent files from falling into the wrong hands by deleting stored cookies, sensitive data and password remotely.

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