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Pony 2.2 Botnet nteractive malware hunting service. Live testing of most type of threats in any environments. No installation and no waiting necessary.

Pony 2.0 and 2.2 Panel and Builder Download Link

Pony 2.2 – Control Panel New Version leaked … Pony is a great stable botnet with useful functions. This comes with the web panel which is in Russian

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I did not cracked this, so i don’t take any credits for this 

Just share it with you and that’s it.

I checked it by my self. And it worked for me. It’s more stable then the 2.0 version. And the plugins works better.

Used the builder on a VM by the way!

Yes i know, It’s coded in Russia. I don’t going to translate that shit, and theres is no way for me to fix this.

Translate it to English with you favorite Browser and it should works fine! I translated it with Google Chrome Portable so Google that or just find or use your favorite Browser


– Upload the panel files/map to your Public_HTML map.

– Make a MySQL database on your cpanel/vesta or whatever you use.

– Edit the uploaded Config.php in your panelmap with your mysql logins and database.

– Save it.

– Go to your browser. And surf to: YOURDOMAINORIP/yourpanellocation/setup.php
(You will now open the Install page) 

– Enter the info in the setup carefully and do not lose your data’s!
– Delete the install.php from your Public_html map.
– Surf to: YOURDOMAINORIP/yourpanellocation/admin.php and login.
– Open the builder, and make the gate url: YOURDOMAINORIP/yourpanellocation/gate.php & the Bin url YOURDOMAINORIP/yourpanellocation/yourstubnamethatyougonnabuild.exe

– Make the output filename the same as you typed in the Bin url!


Pony 2.2 – Control Panel New Version leaked

Pony is a great stable botnet with useful functions. This comes with the web panel which is in Russian and you need to use Google Chrome

Pony 2.2 Panel Bulder Botnet I’ve tried to add my own user inside the panel, but i got some difficulty forcing me to dump the f*cker and review the source code.
I’ve read just a small part of the code but that was fun, here is the authentication function:

random_salt_value_start, random_salt_value_end are strings who don’t change, but the coder named them ‘random’ for an unknown reason, i’m still not sure if joke or human stupidity.

ok cool, i know how to hash my password, where they records IPs now ?

Panel in Russian but code comments in English… ok i start to believe a retard edited the code.


Всего E-mail паролей в списке -> Total E-mail passwords: 10467
Всего сертификатов в списке -> Total certificates: 1
Всего RDP в списке -> Total RDP: 114
Всего уникальных отчетов -> Total unique reports: 10588
Получено дубликатов -> Received duplicate: 11211
Не обработано отчетов -> Not processed Reports: 1
Событий в системных логах -> Events in the system log files: 219865
Полный размер отчетов в БД -> Full size records in the database: 16.84 MB
Полный размер БД -> Full database size: 78.52 MB
Добавлено FTP (HTTP) за последние 24 часа -> Posted FTP (HTTP) in the last 24 hours: 54 (6771)
Добавлено FTP (HTTP) за последний час -> Posted FTP (HTTP) for the last 3 hours: 3 (132)
Добавлено FTP (HTTP) за последние 10 минут -> Posted FTP (HTTP) for the last 10 minutes: 0 (17)
Добавлено отчетов за последние 24 часа -> Published reports for the last 24 hours: 821
Добавлено отчетов за последний час -> Published reports in the last hour: 22
Добавлено отчетов за последние 10 минут -> Published reports in the last 10 minutes: 2

And that all i need to know for remove traces after on the panel and stay stealth. Now let’s have a fast look on Pony builder: Loader:.

Pony/Fareit Malware: A Growing Threat to the Healthcare and Public … three parts: Pony Builder, Pony Bot, and a server-side control panel

Also known as Pony Stealer, Pony Loader, FareIT and a few other names, … It features a control panel, database and user management

Interactive malware hunting service. Live testing of most type of threats in any environments. No installation and no waiting necessary

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