Pandora Rat Hidden VNC Cracked

Pandora Rat Hidden Virtual Network computing.

Access any computer system remotely and silently User Friendly and with a click of a button.


  • WebGL Support
  • Hidden Desktop
  • Copy/Paste internal
  • Encrypted Connection
  • File Manager Internal
  • C#/C+ + (Native) Crypter Compatibility
  • IPV4/ DNS Support
  • WD Exclusion No Popups
  • Quality Support
  • Browser Profile Cloner
  • Process Suspension
  • File Manager SupportDownload/Upload/Create/Delete/Explore/Execute
  • Reverse Connection
  • Hidden Persistence / Startup
  • Random Mutex
  • 2FA Recovery Bypass
  • Reflective Stub Injection
  • Stub is RunPE Compatible
  • Process Suspension
  • Download / Execute (Powershell)
  • Windows Defender Exclusion (No Popups)
  • Encrypted Connection
  • Kill browsers individually or all
  • Binder
  • Steal Remote Clipboard
  • Lightweight TCP Server
  • UAC Exploit (No Popups)
  • Browser Profile Cloner S/ C/ P/ H
  • CMD/Powershell Prompt
  • Small Stub ~130kb
  • Quality Adjustment/ Image Resize of hVNC
  • Obfuscated Stub
  • Compressed Image Support for faster Interaction
  • Random Mutex for single instances
  • Supported Browsers & Mail Applications
  • Mass disconnect
  • Online / Offline Logger

Password Recovery

  •  Google Chrome
  •  Chromium
  •  Opera software Opera
  •  Opera software Opera GX
  •  Bravesoftware Brave-Browser
  •  Epic Privacy Browser
  •  Amigo
  •  Vivaldi
  •  Orbitum
  •  Mail.Ru Atom
  •  Kometa
  •  Torch
  •  Comodo
  •  Slimjet
  •  360Browser Browser
  •  Maxthon3
  •  K-Melon
  •  Sputnik Sputnik
  •  Nichrome
  •  CocCoc Browser
  •  uCozMedia Uran
  •  Yandex Browser

Pandora Rat Hidden Software Pandora Rat Hidden Virtual Network computing. Access any computer system remotely and silently. User Friendly and with a One click

Detect fileless malware attacks involving AveMariaRAT, BitRAT, and PandoraHVNC trojans with a Sigma rule available in the SOC Prime’s

Phishing Campaign Delivering Three Fileless Malware: AveMariaRAT, BitRAT, and PandoraHVNC. Ave MariaRAT is a Trojan horse that installs other malware onto 

As a result of a series of steps performed through Powershell and the stated VBA scripts, malicious software called AveMariaRAT, BitRAT, and PandoraHVNC,

This simple phishing email hides fileless malware strains AveMariaRAT, BitRAT, and PandoraHVNC to infect devices no matter what antivirus

This little over-achiever delivers three different forms of malware, AveMariaRAT, BitRAT and the PandoraHVNC trojan malware. BitRAT is particularly nasty

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