One Click Exploit Android & ios Exploit tool

One Click Exploit A new highly sophisticated malware campaign targets Tibetan groups to exploit and Send  spyware Backend on Video Mp3 image  their iPhone and Android devices. The spyware is delivered through WhatsApp message, all user need to do is a single click on  the spyware Automatically installed on the device.

The attack is documented as the first one click Exploit mobile exploits and the attacks are carried out by a single threat

Fake Messages and One click Exploit Mobile

The Fake messages received via WhatsApp are crafted to make it believe it is coming from journalists, the staff at international advocacy organizations, volunteers to Tibetan human rights groups, and tourists to India.

To avoid detection Fully undetectable Antivirus  from the intrusion system and to prevent analysis, the exploits and malicious code were encrypted

The malware collection application data such as location data, contacts, call history, SMS history, and the following device information.

  • iPhone model
  • iPhone name
  • iPhone serial number
  • iOS Version
  • Phone number
  • ICCID of the SIM Card
  • IMEI of the device
  • Network connection method (wifi or cellular)

One Click Exploit Android Exploit

One click Exploit  Android and Iphone  Exploit like the iOS exploit it too delivered through WhatsApp, if the targets open the link video audio  via Chrome-based Android browser, it asks users to open the link via Facebook app’s built-in Chrome-based web browser.

just one click, an attacker could have used the flaws to get access to Android and ios system and get sensitive information

Until the vulnerability is mitigated, hackers can exploit it to adversely affect programs, data, additional computers or a network. An exploit directed

spyware is a malicious hack that requires no interaction from the user Zero-click vulnerabilities  same of code  One Click Exploit

exploit chain designed targeting iOS versions 11 – 11.4.  12 The exploit chain was  Apple security who confirmed both the browser and privilege escalation exploits and it  iOS 11.4.1 12

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