NjRat Lime Edition Ransomware Tool Download

NjRat Lime Edition Ransomware is a Remote Access Trojan that has ransomware capabilities apart from allowing cybercrooks to gain remote access to the infected computers. The NjRat Lime Edition Ransomware was The NJRAT Lime Edition includes an encryption engine that makes the victim’s files useless, allowing its perpetrators to demand ransom payments from their victims, as well as backdoor capabilities that allow the cybercrooks to gain access to the infected PC.

NjRat Lime Edition Ransomware is being advertised on the Dark Web, as well as on various hacking websites and videos on the open Internet. Developed by someone going by the handle ‘Mr3x3,’ the njRAT Lime Edition is being advertised as having the following features in its attack (this text is part of the NJRAT Lime Edition’s advertising material):

[+]Added Ransomware
[+]Added Stress Test \\ slowloris and ARME
[+]Added PC specification \\ Get info CPU GPU RAM
[+]Added BTC wallet finder
[+]Added Changing Wallpaper
[+]Smarter USB Spread
[+]Smarter [Logs]
[+]Updated anti-process \\ Now if you click ON this make it always on even after restart until you press OFF
[+]Updated bitcoin \\ Also ON will make it run after restart until OFF is pressed
[+]Fixed Message Box not being showed on top
[+]Fixed Copy To startup
[+]Fixed Active Window weird symbols
[+]And more bugs were Fixed
[+]Updated Support Folder \\ Now it’s cleaner and easy to read

It seems that the main attraction of the NjRat Lime Edition Ransomware is the addition of a ransomware feature, which allows the cybercrooks to make money from having infected the victim’s computer immediately. The njRAT Lime Edition displays the following ransom note on victims’ computers:

The njRAT Lime Edition is associated with a threat building kit that the cybercrooks can use to create personalized versions of the njRAT Lime Edition. The njRAT Lime Edition marks the files encrypted in its attack by adding the file extension ‘.Lime’ to the end of each affected file’s name in its default version. The njRAT Lime Edition has all of the features of a backdoor Trojan coupled with the features of an encryption ransomware Trojan. Like most backdoor Trojans, the njRAT Lime Edition is designed to allow the cybercrooks to gain remote access to infected computers. The njRAT Lime Edition also allows third parties to monitor the victim’s activities, gather data, and collect information, as well as control the infected computer from a remote location. Additionally, the njRAT Lime Edition’s ransomware module allows the cybercrooks to carry out ransomware attacks. The njRAT Lime Edition will use a strong encryption algorithm to make the victim’s files out of reach, and then demand that the victim pays a ransom of 200 USD in exchange for the decryption key, which is needed to restore the affected files. This combination allows these people to carry out devastating attacks on their victims.

Protecting Your Computer from Threats Like the NjRat Lime Edition Ransomware

The best protection against backdoor Trojans like the NjRat Lime Edition RansomWare is to have a strong security program that is fully up-to-date and take precautions when handling any suspicious material, such as unsolicited email attachments or online links. To protect yourself and your machine against ransomware Trojans, you must have file backups. If a Trojan like the NjRAT Lime Edition encrypts your files, having the ability to restore your files from a backup copy means that there is no need to contact the cybercrooks or pay the ransom to recover from a njRAT Lime Edition attack. A combination of strong security software and reliable backup methods is proven to be the best method to protect your data from the njRAT Lime Edition.

NjRat Lime Edition Ransomware Tool Download

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