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NjRAT ACS Latest Version Interactive malware hunting service. Live testing of most type of threats in any environments. No installation and no waiting necessary.

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It is a powerful remote administration tool with a lot of many new features that would be seen in paid remote administration tools.

You can remotely hack anyone computer by creating a payload virus from NjRAT ACS Latest version send that payload to your victim.

When your victim installs your payload virus then the payload starts working in the background of their pc and a connection is made on your remote access trojan.

You can download and upload any file from the victim’s pc by using this remote access trojan. You can open any website URL silently into your victim browser.

You can mine cryptocurrency from your victim pc silently. You can put ransomware into your victim’s pc and demand them to give money.

You can change your victim’s desktop wallpaper by using this best RAT tool. You can uninstall any software from the victim pc by using this RAT tool.

You can edit or change registry files from your victim pc. If you have so many victims in your скачать njrat ACS latest version then you also perform a DDOS attack by using the CPU power of you victim to anyone website.

You can steal bitcoin, ethereum, and xmr from the victim pc. You can power on and off victim pc from NjRAT ACS Latest Version

You can lock up your victim pc. You can chat with your victim. You can remotely monitor the victim screen and you can control the victim’s mouse and keyword from this NjRAT ACS latest version Software.

You can record victim’s keystrokes by using the keylogger feature from njrat скачать. You can use multiple hosts at a single time ( duck dns, noip, dynu, etc ).

You can encrypt your hosts and port during the build payload. It is a very amazing feature because when a pentester or a software analyzer decompiles your payload then he will not trace you and your hosts become safe from suspensions.

NjRAT ACS latest Version allows you to spread your payload virus through USB, spreads through rar, spreads through skype, spreads through the folder, etc.

It works better than work. There are all new features included in this remote access tool. It is personally my favorite PC RAT of all time.

 You can check your victim’s pc information. You can locate the exact location of your victim.
It allows you to build persistence, auto startup, and non-remove able payload which means you can hack anyone’s pc for a lifetime. NjRAT ACS Latest Version download link in provided below.

You can drop your payload virus to victims many directories, you can drop payload into registry, etc directories.
You can hack scammers with this powerful tool and take revenge on them. I personally hack a scammer with this скачать njrat tool who scam money with me.

You can crypt your payload by using njrat crypter. If you don’t know about crypter then I will tell you that a crypter is software that works on algorithms encryption that makes your payload file fully undetectable and easily bypass from antivirus.




There are so many advanced feature in this remote administration tool which are as following below

  • Live webcam
  • Remote desktop
  • Microphone
  • Get passwords
  • DDOS
  • Crypto miner
  • Crypto stealer
  • Ransomware
  • Spreader
  • Persistence
  • Startup
  • Hidden
  • Non-Removeable
  • Vpn
  • Victim Flag
  • Live location
  • System information
  • File manager
  • Run any file
  • Run any script
  • Download any file
  • Upload any file
  • Change desktop wallpaper
  • Process checker
  • Service checker
  • Registry edit
  • Keylogger
  • Host encryption
  • Port encryption
  • Change icon
  • Binder

NjRAT ACS Latest Version Download

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