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 Multi Exploit Builder is simple exploit builder for firefox addon exploit,silent download and execute and use windows

Exploit Kit. The EK targets vulnerabilities in Microsoft Office and is also known as the “Ancalog Multi Exploit Builder

Multi Exploit Builder The exploit builder generates malicious documents, such as Word and PDF documents, Excel workbooks

Hidden Content Give reaction to this post to see the hidden content. Quick ‘n Easy Web Builder is a comprehensive and lightweight software ..

Multi Exploit Builder – Lifetime License Some extensions don’t work anymore. If you’re looking for a higher quality product we offer JPG / Doc / Txt

Pentest your business with MS Office exploits. Microsoft Word & Excel Exploit. Our software is undetectable for almost every antivirus

Multi Exploit Builder is simple exploit builder for firefox addon exploit,silent download and execute and use windows shortcut

Builder PDF Assembler allows you to merge several PDF files selected by a selection mask. The merging may be ordered. The merging may take into account only

The Multi exploit builder generates malicious documents, such as Word and PDF documents, Excel workbooks, CHM – compiled help files, and HTML pages. Most of them serve as downloaders, with the final payload stored at a website

which is then downloaded and executed by the malicious code. In a few cases the generated document stores the entire payload file within. As a result, there is no need to reach out to an external web location as the malicious content is extracted from the document and executed from there

Pentest your business with MS Office exploits. Microsoft Word & Excel Exploit. Our software is undetectable for almost every antivirus. Your spreader can be easly send via gmail or FB

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There are multiple Exploit DOC in Silent DOC Exploit, … You can easily convert your .exe files to PDF using our Python Builder.

Spread With Ease. Office Exploit Builder enables you to deploy unlimited DOC/XLS/PPT/PDF documents that will download and execute multiple .EXE files when ran

builder supports several methods for malware distribution using different file formats. Features : -Include silent doc exploit

Exploit DOC builder gives you the ability to expose all the vulnerabilities inside Office Word and enhance your Cyber Security.

Include silent doc exploit –Several exploits, most are sendable via GMail -Compatible with every rat/keylogger/worm

Exploit is use for remote code execution vulnerability exists in the way Microsoft Office and WordPad parse specially crafted files

This module exploits a vulnerability found in BuilderEngine 3.5.0 via … msf > use exploit/multi/http/builderengine_upload_exec msf …

Similar tools with these ones focused on malicious activities are: Office Macro Exploit Builder, AKBuilder, OFEX Exploit, and Ancalog Multi

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