Memorium Android Rat New 2023 Live monitor Any Android Phone

Memorium Android Rat In this Project we will be developing a RAT(Remote Administrator tool), spyware for Android OS which will be used to
t is the latest, most powerful, and best remote administration tool 2023 for android. You can hack up to thousands of android devices silently through this best android administration tool.

It is the latest and best android rat software in the market of 2023. This android rat has the ability to hack all types of latest android models that are available in the market now.

You can hack anyone’s android mobile through this mobile rat and monitor his/her device remotely from your pc and laptop.

you will see so many new features in this latest version. It is fully stable version, You will not see any kind of loss connection error from victim in this version.

Memorium Android Rat is the latest version of this series. It is a paid android rat that is very expensive but you can download it at a cheap discounted price from above by using link.

You can hack, control and monitor unlimited android devices through this android rat. There are so many advanced and powerful features in this rat software that makes it so awesome.

You have not seen that kind of latest and amazing features before in any other android rat. It is one of my favourite android rats of all time.

It supports up to all versions of android devices from android 4 to android 13. You can smoothly hack all the latest android devices through this android remote access software.

With the help of memoriumrat android rat, you can monitor your kid’s activities. You can spy on them silently without knowing them

It is a persistent android rat that has the ability to hack your victim’s device for a long time. You will see a built-in memorium rat crypter with this android rat that allows you to crypt your android payload to bypass all antiviruses.

There is a BTC stealer feature in Memorium software that allows you to steal BTC from your hacked victim’s mobile silently.

It is a fully stable and secured android rat. You can view the live screen of your victim’s device through this android remote access tool.

It is fully undetectable android rat software that is anti-kill and anti-delete. When your victims will install its payload then they will unable to uninstall its payload from their mobile phones.

What is the best android remote administration tool? MemoriumRat is the best android rat software nowadays due to its latest functions.

here is no android remote administration tool in the market that competes with this rat software. It has the ability to upload and download any file from the victim’s mobile phone phone.

You can lock and unlock any file into your victim’s file manager in one click. It allows you to search any file into your victim’s mobile file manager.

You can add new contacts, delete contacts and view all contacts of your hacked victims. With the help of this best android rat software, you can view the location of your victim’s device in real-time.

It allows you to change the wallpaper of your hacked victim’s mobile according to your choice remotely. You can view the live screen of your victim’s mobile in real-time through this android rat.

There is a Memorium apk injector program in this android remote access trojan that allows you to inject its payload with any other system app that runs with that injected system app.

This feature is very advanced that you have never seen before in any previous premium android rat programs.

You will see all installed apps in your victim’s device, their accounts manager, call manager, SMS manager in this android spy software.

It allows you to steal the Gmail account of your victim, Facebook account stealer 2FA google authenticator stealer.

You can take photos from the front and back camera of your hacked victim’s device silently, show live screen, control live screen, control keyboard, take a screenshot.

Memorium Android Rat allows you to open any website URL from your victim’s mobile. You can listen to microphone of your hacked victim’s device anonymously.

You will see online and offline keylogger features in this android remote administration tool that helps you to capture all keystrokes of your victims.

There are so many features in cypher android rat software and some of them are as follows below.

Feature Anti-killAnti-delete

Real-time monitor

Screen record

Get accessibility automatically

Bypass google play protect

Fully undetectable

Crypto stealer

Control screen ( VNC )

Inject payload apk

inside the real app

Never lose victim’s2FA

Google authenticator

code stealer

Bypass Chinese phones protection

Bypass bank app screen

Run automatically on mobile startup

Bypass battery optimization

Get phone info

Mac address

Microphone capture


SMS manager

File manager

Contacts manager

View live location

Facebook stealer

Gmail stealer

Accounts manager

Accounts stealer

Open any web URL

Open front camera

Open back camera

Social media hunter


Show apps list

Hide/Unhide any file

Delete any file

Encrypt/Decrypt any file

Change wallpaper

Download/Upload any file

Zip/Unzip any file

Play sound

Take mobile screenshot

Many more Feature MemoriumRat new 2023 Rat

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