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Download LOIC DOS Attack for free. A network stress testing application. Low Orbit Ion Cannon. The project only keeps and maintains (bug fixing) the code written

LOIC Download below – Low Orbit Ion Cannon is an Open Source Stress Testing and Denial of Service (DoS or DDoS) attack application

Low Orbit Ion Cannon – An open source network stress tool, written in C#. Based on Praetox’s LOIC project. USE ON YOUR OWN RISK

LOIC Download below – Low Orbit Ion Cannon is an Open Source Stress Testing and Denial of Service (DoS or DDoS) attack application written in C#.

LOIC Download - Low Orbit Ion Cannon DDoS Booter

It’s an interesting tool in that it’s often used in what are usually classified as political cyber-terrorist attacks against large capitalistic organisations. The hivemind version gives average non-technical users a way to give their bandwidth as a way of supporting a cause they agree with.

What is LOIC Low Orbit Ion Cannon

LOIC was first developed by Praetox Technologies and later released into the public domain, the source code is now freely available and you can download LOIC below as it’s now hosted on several open source platforms.

The Low Orbin Ion Cannon performs a fairly basic TCP, UDP or HTTP DoS attack and when used by multiple individuals as it normally is, a DDoS attack. The popularity came about as it has a version by Anonymous with an IRC based control channel that allows people to join voluntary botnets and attack single targets (often led by 4chan or Anonymous themselves).

As you can see in this version it has the IRC connection options known as LOIC Hivemind

The below version actually contains the Hivemind code too, you just need to launch it with the following option:

Is LOIC a virus? No, it’s not – although many anti-virus software will detect as a virus (something like trojan.agent/gen-msil flooder) as it’s usually used for malicious purposes and many users have it installed without their knowledge.

An example of LOIC in use is here when hackers actually used it against Anonymous:

How to use LOIC dos Attack Low Orbit Ion Cannon

It’s a very simple tool really, you just need to fill in the URL or IP address of the target system, select the attack method and port and press the big button that says “IMMA CHARGIN MAH LAZER”.

In more detail that would be:

Step 1: Run the tool.
Step 2: Enter the URL or IP of the website in the relevant field and click on “Lock On”.
Step 3: Change parameters if you’re l33t, or just leave it as default for the rest of you.
Step 4: Now click on the Big Button labelled “IMMA CHARGIN MAH LAZER”.
Step 5: PROFIT!!11!

You have just mounted an attack on the target, well done – I guess. You can see the status of the attack in the tool (number of packets sent etc).

It goes without saying use this tool carefully, it’s illegal in most countries to carry out DoS or DDoS attacks, using this tool is no exception. Use it to test networks you have permission to access or stress test and to demonstrate the power of DoS attacks.

To get the full leverage you need a large network of users all attacking the same target at the same time which can become a very effective DDoS attack (as seen by the Anonymous attacks on PayPal, Mastercard etc).

LOIC DOS attack Download Low Orbit Ion Cannon

LOIC DOS Attack download Low Orbit Ion Cannon here:

Download LOIC Dos Attack Tool

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