Hawkshaw Android Hacking Rat Free Download

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Hawkshaw Android Hacking Rat Kali Linux version It is a powerful android remote administration tool ( RAT ) to hack android devices remotely. You can hack android mobiles, tablets, and many other smartphones

Hawkshaw Android Hacking RAT Remote administration tools were first programs intended to provide technical support to remote computers by allowing an administrator to log in and control the device directly.

However, hackers quickly saw the potential of these tools and started using them for more nefarious deeds. Today, advanced RATs are used to remotely access and control a wide variety of devices, but today we’ll focus on one of the world’s most popular  

Hawkshaw Android Hacking RAT consists of two parts. The first is a server-side application based on Electron framework, in our case, just our desktop or laptop, but this could be scaled up to some degree if needed.

This acts as a control panel which we use to create and connect to the RAT. The second part is client side, which is the infected Android application we’ll use as a backdoor.

For testing purposes, I’ll just be using my local Wi-Fi network. However, if you wanted it to work outside of the local network, you would need to port-forward your computer to the internet and use your public IP address.

Hawkshaw Android Hacking RAT can build an APK two different ways. It can create a standalone APK or be used to infect another application in order to remain hidden on the target device.

To do the latter, select the box beside “Bind With Another Apk” and then browse and select the APK you wish to use. Today I’ll just be creating the default standalone APK, but if a malicious user were deploying this in the real, they would very likely be binding it with another APK.

This project is abandoned and we are not maintaining it anymore, you can telegram me at :- masterscyber if you want to discuss something (Don’t ask for source code).


Features :-

Optimised for android 10!

Fully Hidden





Whatsapp Reader

Instagram Reader

Messenger Reader

Gmail Reader

Tinder Reader


Browser History

App Manager

GPS Location


Do a toast

Send a text message

Give call

Open an URL in the default browser

Do vibrate the phone

Explore Files with full access.

Material Client Side Web Panel

Upload Contacts

Upload Call Log

Upload Messages

Upload Photos

Current Location

Open a perticular web page

Mobile Number, Network provider, UUID, SDK version, android version, etc.

Video Uploads

Live screen recording

Take screenshot remotely

Many more features

Web Interface is available

This is a android spy app, which uploads user data such as contacts, messages, call log, send message(s), photos, videos, open a browser link etc.

Goto https://hawkshawspy.com which is android spy app(v2.0) front end. And let me know about your views. The new version of android spy app is completely build on firebase. So you may not need of any other backend server. So please test my new version of android spy app, with more capabilities and stability.

More Specifications yet to come

Live camera view

Android code is written in kotlin Website is running on node.js server

Download Hawkshaw Android Hacking Rat

Zip Password : www.masterscyber.com

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