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Excel XLL Exploit Builder These spam campaigns are designed to push malicious  files that download and install the Red Line malware on victims’ Windows devices

Cyber attacks based on Microsoft Excel add-in files (.XLL) increased by nearly 600 percent in 2021. In a new report, security researchers

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An XLL file extension is used by Excel Add-in files to allow third as a maliciously crafted XLS file that contain macros or exploits

Excel XLL Exploit Builder The XLL files we observed were mainly distributed via emails that contain price quote luring contents sent from an email address with the email subject “INQUIRY.” Targets of these emails include organizations in the following sectors: manufacturing; retail; federal, state and local government; finance; pharmaceuticals; transportation; education; and several others across the United States, Europe and Southeast Asia. Furthermore, some of the malicious XLL files we have seen abuse a legitimate open-source Excel add-in framework

Excel XLL Exploit Builder Build XLL is an extension for Excel add-ins. In reality, XLL is just a regular PE-DLL file. The XLL file extension is associated with an icon very similar to other Excel-supported extensions. In turn, the average user won’t notice any difference between XLL and other Excel file formats and can be lured to open it. This may be surprising, but Excel will gladly load and execute an XLL file upon double-clicking

Once the XLL is loaded by Excel, it will invoke the export functions of the XLL file based on the defined XLL interface. Two of these interface functions stand out: xlAutoOpen and xlAutoClose. These functions get called once the add-in gets activated or deactivated, respectively. These functions can be used to load malicious code, similar to the methods Auto_Open and Auto_Close in classic VBA macros.

One disadvantage of XLL files is that they can only be loaded by Excel with the correct bitness. For example, a 64-bit XLL can only be loaded by the 64-bit version of Excel. The same goes for 32-bit versions. Therefore, malware authors have to rely on the Excel version that is installed on the victim’s machine.

Like with VBA macros, Excel will warn the user about the security concern arising from executing the add-in. In that aspect, it has no advantage for malware compared to VBA macros.

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