ConfuserEx Crypter bypass Antivirus

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ConfuserEx is an free, open-source protector for .NET applications. It is the successor of Confuser project. Screenshot of Command-line interface Command-line

ConfuserEx is a open-source protector for .NET applications. It is the successor of Confuser project. NOTICE. This project is discontinued and unmaintained.

ncryption algorithm · Anti VM implementation · Polymorph .net / native crypter · Uses ConfuserEx for obfuscation · RunPE method implementation · Builder

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We think one of the possible sources of the customised ConfuserEx is the online service Cassandra Crypter, which offers two kinds of subscription plans

ConfuserEx supports .NET Framework from 2.0 – 4.5 and Mono (and other .NET platforms if enough request!). It supports most of the protections you’ll find in commerical protectors, and some more!

  • Symbol renaming
  • WPF/BAML renaming
  • Control flow obfuscation
  • Method reference hiding
  • Anti debuggers/profilers
  • Anti memory dumping
  • Anti tampering (method encryption)
  • Embedding dependency
  • Constant encryption
  • Resource encryption
  • Compressing output
  • Extensible plugin API

You could obtain the latest source code and releases at You may find the bleeding edge builds at the CI Server. ConfuserEx requires only .NET Framework 3.5 to run. It might be helpful to read the FAQ!

What is Confuser?
Confuser is a protector/obfuscator for .NET, providing great security to .NET Applications. A powerful and customizable obfuscator for .NET applications that let you select algorithms by which to secure source code, making it difficult to reverse-engineer

Computer applications are simple lines of code compiled into a set of rules that trigger specific functions. As a result, malicious software can be easily created with careful analysis of targeted apps. However, developers are looking for and using methods to make source code as difficult as possible to track or reverse-engineer, with applications like Confuser being capable of living up to expectations.

Features:–   Anti debugger
–   Anti memory dumping
–   Anti decompiler
–   Prevent any tampering of the assemblies
–   Encrypt codes
–   Encrypt constants (i.e. numbers & strings)
–   Encrypt resources
–   Control flow obfuscation
–   External/Internal reference proxy
–   Renaming

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  1. In the Project tab
    1. Choose a base directory
    2. Click on the + button to add DLLs (modules)
  2. In the Settings tab
    1. Click on < Global settings >
    2. Click on the + button. A new rule is added. When the pattern matches, the rule is executed, so “True” mean the rule will always be executed.
    3. Click on Edit button.
    4. Choose the preset “Maximum” then close
  3. In the Protect tab
    1. Click Protect!

The first condition is to obfuscate only when building in Release. Here you will need to adjust the paths to match the path of your Confuser.CLI.exe. I have my ConfuserEX folder alongside the solution’s root folder.

3) In your Setup project, the issue we need to address is to make sure that packaging picks up your obfuscated versions. Setup has some obscure logic to decide from which folder each assembly is picked up. We will force it to pick up the right ones. For this, you have to:

(3a) add all your projects as “Project Output”, this makes sure the obfuscated files in your “obj” folders make it to the package.

(3b) check the “detected dependencies” section of your Setup project. Whenever you see a dependency that is generated by one of your projects, go to its Properties and mark it as Exclude=True. This makes sure your obfuscated versions in the package aren’t replaced by non-obfuscated versions due to the inference process.

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