Aispyer Android Hacking Tool

Aispyer Android Hacking Tool is the most reliable and trusted application used to hack into any call history. Through this application, you can get the details of the call history of any person without getting into any trouble or issue. You can get all call logs either for outgoing or incoming calls. Other than that, Aispyer also provides additional features, such as covertly steal user credentials, take photos of the victim’s surroundings, send SMS messages to any number, record audio around the victim, and collect information about the device. Features of Aispyer It is supported with the most advanced technology. You can get call detail information even in offline mode. It does not need any technical knowledge to operate it. The app is completely free and full of powerful features.

Aispyer can be used to conduct malicious activities against mobile apps, Android systems, or even users themselves. The main purpose of Aispy is to collect sensitive data from smartphones and send it to a remote server. Aispy can be used to steal a victim’s private chat conversations from apps such as Facebook Messenger, Google Hangouts, WhatsApp, Telegram, Skype, Viber, Line, etc. Researchers noted that unlike traditional phishing attacks that are usually carried out via emails or phone calls, this technique relies on abusing features of the targeted app itself. Attackers don’t have to resort to social engineering skills to trick people into installing their malicious apps, they just need to make their app look like a legit app.

After the successful installation and setup of Aispyer, you’ll land on the dashboard of the app. It’s like a place where you can have a quick glance at some of the data from the target phone along with some device information.

On top of the dashboard, you can have a look at some of the information related to the target Android phone.

This information includes the device model, battery percentage, current location, and the Wi-Fi the phone is connected to.

Having this information handy can be really useful. If you see the battery level of your kid’s phone to be too less while they are somewhere outside, you can call them and tell them to charge the phone immediately.

On the right side of the device information is the Last Known Location of the target phone. By clicking on the pointer on the map, you can reveal the name of the place where your employee is situated.

In the Most Detection section, you can see the numbers or contacts with whom your child came in contact the most.

The Calls section will show the list of people with whom the teen had the most conversations on the call. While the Message section will reveal the list of contacts or numbers with whom the teen had the most conversation over messages.

The functions section is not that useful, as it just provides the shortcut to access a few features of Aispyer.

In conclusion, the dashboard area is quite helpful as you don’t need to access the location, calls, messages section, every time you want to get the information handy.

Features Of Aispyer Android Hacking Tool

Now coming to the most important section, on which the quality of the app depends the most. If the features of any spy app are able to impress the customer, then it can get a hold of its customer for a long time.

1. Calls

aispyer calls feature

If you suspect your lover of an affair then the first thing that would come to your mind would be related to calls and endless talking that they might be doing.

And if a spy app is not able to track the calls for you, then it’s of no use, as simple as that.

But fortunately, Aispyer doesn’t fall in this category. In fact, the Calls feature of the Aispyer app works remarkably well.

The very moment your spouse receives or makes a call, Aispyer will instantly record it and show it on their portal.

Along with the contact name, the phone number of the person on the other hand can be seen as well. In addition to that, the duration of the calldate, and type of call (made or received) is also viewable.

Above all, to make your monitoring of calls easier, filtering and search options are given by the app. You can sort the results on the basis of date by choosing the date for which you want the messages to appear.

In the search bar, you just need to enter the contact name or number you are looking for. But there’s a limitation to Aispyer search. The thing is, when you search for a contact, you need to take care of the upper case and lower case as well.

If the contact is saved by the name PETER, typing peter won’t show any results.

2. Messages

messages section of aispyer

Billions of people use the built-in messaging app to communicate with their dear ones. And maybe your spouse is using the same for a never-ending conversation with that other person.

When you go to the Messages section of the app, all the contacts or numbers with whom the conversation is done can be seen on the left-hand side.

By clicking on any of the contact or number, all the conversations will appear on the right-hand side.

With every conversation, a date and time stamp can be seen. This type of tracking with date and time makes Aispyer a more reliable monitoring software.

Just like in the Calls section, in the Messaging section too you will get a search option. But the problem with the search is the same, it is case sensitive.

3. Location

location feature

Teens get highly fascinated when they see elders going to parties, having booze, and doing drugs. This fascination can spark curiosity in teens to try these things on their own Aispyer Android Hacking Tool

But parents know very well, how dangerous and depraved walking on this path can be.

Your teen might go out of the house with an excuse that they are going for their coaching classes or in a park with their friends. But the reality can be completely upside down.

They might bunk their coaching classes and go to the clubs and bars with their group. And if you call them and ask where they are, they are going to simply lie about their location.

But if you can keep a track of their real-time location, then lying to you won’t be an option for them.

When you go to the Location section of Aispyer, you can see the pointer that shows the current location of the target phone.

Keeping a track of the history of locations is also possible with the app. On the left-hand side, the date and time and the name of the location where the target phone was present a few minutes, hours, or days before can be seen.

For a more detailed tracking of location, the app provides you with a Satellite mode.

aispyer satellite mode

Pegman feature can help you in knowing what kind of place your son/daughter recently visited. Just drop the pegman on the club or bar where they recently visited and see how the place actually looks like

pegman feature

4. Social Apps

Since it was first introduced, social media has helped people in getting closer to their near and dear ones. Along with that, it also introduces us to new people from all around the globe.

On one hand, making new online friends and building a connection with new people is great. It helps us in learning about new people and new culture.

But the same social media can sometimes help your lover build a relationship with an online friend so strong, that it can be the reason why their relationship with you is on the verge.

So it’s better to take prevention than cure. If you suspect your lover of building a new bond with an online friend, then Aispyer will help you come one on one with the truth.

The Social Apps section of the app keeps a track of the most popular social media and instant messaging apps.

These apps include WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Messanger, Tinder, Telegram, Kik, WeChat, LINE, Hangouts, and so on.

WhatsApp Monitoring

whatsapp screenshots

Almost every smartphone user uses WhatsApp for having a conversation with their known ones. After coming in contact on social media sites, sharing numbers, and starting a conversation on WhatsApp is not that big deal.

This makes it important for you to keep a keen eye on the WhatsApp account of your partner with Aispyer.

Unlike most of the spy apps, that gives you access to incomplete WhatsApp messages, Aispyer shows you everything in detail.

And the reason for such an amazing WhatsApp monitoring experience with Aispyer is that, instead of the written text, the app clicks screenshots while the user is using WhatsApp and upload those screenshots on its portal.

Inside the screenshots uploaded by Aispyer, you can also see the time and date when those messages were sent or received. On the other hand, Aispyer also shows you the time when those screenshots were uploaded on your Aispyer account.

Some of the information related to WhatsApp will come into your knowledge in the form of text instead of screenshots.

This information includes notifications like Checking for new messagesCalling…Ringing…, etc.

notifications from whatsapp

One thing that will disappoint you is the time that Aispyer takes in uploading the new screenshots. Sometimes the app might take more than half an hour in updating new screenshots.

This kind of flaw from the app can be quite problematic. The messages that should have come to your notice the very moment they were sent, you will get to know about them after a while.

Facebook, Messanger, Snapchat, Instagram Monitoring

As important it is to monitor the WhatsApp account, it is equally important to track other accounts of the target person as well.

Resembling the WhatsApp monitoring, Aispyer takes the screenshots when the target person is using social media accounts.

These screenshots can be taken any time, no matter what your lover is doing on their social media. For instance, while we were testing Snapchat, we received the screenshots while we were scrolling through the discover section, while the camera was on, and even while logging on to Snapchat.

snapchat monitoring

We noticed strange behavior from Aispyer while it was giving the screenshots from the Snapchat section.

A screenshot from Instagram was accidentally uploaded in the Snapchat section of the app. These pity mistakes make the social monitoring of the app a bit unreliable.

instagram photo in snapchat

Suppose that photo contains something that requires your attention. But as it is uploaded in the Snapchat section, you might never get to know about that photo.

As we mentioned about Instagram, let us tell you that the monitoring of Instagram also works in the same way. You will receive the screenshots while the user is scrolling through their feed, checking messages, scrolling the explore section, and even while logging on to the app.

instagram monitoring

Aispyer Android Hacking Tool Similarly, we received random screenshots from the Messenger, and Facebook apps as well. And the spying on other apps like Tinder, Telegram, WeChat, and so forth is probably going to be the same.

Our experience with the Social Apps section is a mishmash. On one side, we liked the screenshot based tracking of apps. But on the other hand, shortcomings like unnecessary time taken in uploading the photos and the photos getting uploaded in the wrong section was quite pestering.

5. Contact

contacts monitoring

You have gone through their call history, checked their social media accounts, but you didn’t find anything suspicious.

This leads us to the conclusion that your girlfriend/boyfriend is innocent. But before you give them a clean chit, how about checking their contacts?

Maybe they are not talking to each other on the call due to the fear of getting caught. But the contact of the other person will surely be there on their phone.

You can see the list of all the contacts that exist on the target phone when you open the Contact section of the app.

All the saved contacts are available on the left-hand side and by clicking on any of the contacts, all the information will appear on the right-hand side.

This information includes phone numbers, groups, contact name, and account name. The account name will help you know if that number is available on WhatsApp or not.

The limitation in the Contact feature that we came across was that, the contacts that are present on the phone before app installation are available for checking. But the new contacts saved by the target person are not updated by the app.

Using the search option, it is possible to look out for a particular contact. But as we told you, the search option of Aispyer is case sensitive. So you need to try every possibility to extract a particular contact.

6. Browsing

The biggest reason for your resistance while handing over a smartphone to your teen/tween for the first time is related to the browsing of adult content.

With a single tap, your child can get exposed to the obscene content available on the internet.

The continuous intake of explicit content like porn, political and religious hatred, abusive content, racism, brutality, and so on can be devastating for the physical and mental health of the child.

So keeping a track of the browsing history of your son’s phone is highly significant.

Aispyer is supposed to show the list of each and everything that the teen searches on the internet. The title of their search, URL of the website, date of browsing, and the saved bookmarks.

But the working of the Browsing feature was not at all up to our expectations. Even after 3-4 days of thorough testing and browsing on the internet, the app was not able to show even a single result.

Maybe this feature was a failure for us but it works perfectly for you, fingers crossed.

7. Emails

email monitoring

If you have the list of emails handy, this can boost your monitoring experience even more.

By getting access to the target person’s email, you can know what all YouTube channels do they prefer watching, and what all sites and apps fascinate them.

On the left-hand side, you will see the list of all the emails present in the target phone. By clicking on any of the emails, its content can be seen on the right-hand side Aispyer Android Hacking Tool

In addition to the main content of the email, you can easily see the name of the sender, the email id of the receiver, the subject of the email, and the date and time when it was sent.

If the target person uses more than one email provider, let’s say Gmail and Yahoo, and you want to see the results from the other one, then you can easily do that by switching the accounts from the top-right corner.

8. Photos

photos monitoring

Keeping a track of the photos is mandatory. No matter if you are spying on your spouse, girlfriend, teen, or even your employee, photos can be quite helpful in revealing the truth.

If you doubt your lover of having an affair, you might find a photo on their device that includes your lover and that other person.

Similarly, the photos can reveal if your child likes to watch and keep the adult and inappropriate photos or not. On the other hand, you might reveal something on your employee’s phone that is not in favor of the company.

When you go to the Photos section, you will see plenty of photos that exist on the target cell phone. Plenty of photos mean that all the photos from the target phone are not present on Aispyer online portal.

But one thing that you’ll like about the Photos feature is the sync speed. The moment the target person receives or clicks a photo, in a few seconds, it will start to appear on the app’s online portal.

By clicking on any of the photos, it will open in full size. Tap on the play button to let the app play all the photos automatically, one by one.

You can also rotate the photo, flip it upside down, and select the next or previous photo manually. Use the + or  sign to zoom in and out of the image.

For downloading any photo, simply right click the mouse button on any image and select Save image as…

If the list of images that you want to check is enormous in number, then the filtering option of the app will come in handy.

Just select the date for which you want to see the photo. That’s it. Only the photos from that date will appear on the screen now.

9. Calendars

The Calendars section of Aispyer is not present to show the simple dates. Most people use their phone’s calendar app to remember important dates like birthdays, parties, office meetings, and other events.

By keeping a track of the calendar activities, you will know what all dates are important to your partner. Maybe you’ll also find the date when your spouse is planning to meet the other person.

To save your precious time, you can take the help of the filtering option given by the app. Select the date on which you suspect your lover to have a meeting and see if that’s true or not.

If you want to search a specific term let’s say, birthday, or date night, then the search option of the app will come into use Aispyer Android Hacking Tool

10. Clipboard

For those who don’t know what the Clipboard feature is supposed to do, let us tell you that it will keep a track of all the words or paragraphs that the child copies on their phone.

Keeping a track of the copied text is not that necessary. But there are some slim chances that this feature can be of some help to you.

The clipboard can help you know what kind of things the child likes to read and keep saved with themself.

But before any further discussions about clipboard, the matter of fact is, the Clipboard feature of the app doesn’t work at all.

11. Keylogger

keylogger tracking with aispyer

Keylogger is something that can bring a turning point in your monitoring. If the keylogger feature of spy apps works perfectly, then it can help you come across various truths that your partner or your child is hiding.

Keylogger keeps a track of all the keystrokes that the target person makes on their smartphone, regardless of the app on which it is made Aispyer Android Hacking Tool

So, this feature can be useful in knowing what kind of language your child uses, or what they search for on the internet. Even the searches that are done on Amazon and other retail stores can be seen.

Even if the app is not able to take some of the important screenshots from social media, you can count on its keylogger.

The app will take care of all the sent messages from all social media and instant messaging apps.

You might find it a little odd but the keylogger feature of most of the spy apps is useless. Even the keyloggers of highly reputed tracking apps as well.

But you’ll be glad to see the working of the Aispyer’s keylogger. The app is successful in collecting the different keystrokes made on different apps. The app on which the keystroke is made can be seen, as well as the time when it was made.

If you want to have a look at the keystrokes of a particular day, then you can do that by using the search bar at the top.

12. App List

aispyer app list feature

Parents are very well aware that how some of the Play Store apps are not fit for their child. These apps might contain content related to nudity, abuse, violence, and so on.

So the parents should always know what all apps their child has access to.

With Aispyer monitoring software by your side, you can see the list of all those apps that the child downloaded on their Android phone Aispyer Android Hacking Tool

But you might face some problems while monitoring the list of downloaded apps. After the initial setup of the app, we installed Instagram, Snapchat, and WhatsApp on the target phone. And Aispyer was successfully able to recognize the installation of these apps, including the date and time of installation.

But from the next day, Aispyer was not able to recognize the other installed apps. In addition to that, if there’s an app that the child uninstall, you will still see it on your Aispyer portal with status on.

If you want to make sure if a particular app exists on the kid’s phone or not, use the search option to confirm.

13. App Duration

app duration

Addiction is abysmal, be it the addiction of drugs or smartphones, it will always have an awful effect on the teen’s mind and physical health.

So you need to make sure your little one is not involved with an app on their phone for too long. And how will you know how much time they spend on their phone? With the help of the Aispyer App Duration feature.

Right after clicking on the App Duration feature, you will see the time spent by the teen on the various apps on their phone.

Checking the data for different dates is also possible. Just click on the date option and select the date for which you need to see the data.

You can also check the collective data for the time spent on the apps for the Last 3 days and the Last 7 days.

Aispyer Android Hacking Tool

So, are you impressed with the list of features and the working of Aispyer? If yes then you will surely be considering purchasing a plan of the app.

Well, there are three different plans that Aispyer offer to its users, and all three plans can only monitor 1 device at a time. You can choose the one according to your need and liking.

In one line if we have to say something about Aispyer, our overall experience of the app was pretty good.

The tracking of social media accounts with screenshots was quite impressive. In addition to that, the working of the keylogger feature was also up to the mark.

Are the calls and messages section your keen areas of tracking? If yes, then you’ll love how easily and quickly the app updates new data.

But still, the app is far from being perfect. There are plenty of areas where the app needs improvement. If keeping a track of web history is highly important for you, then you might not like Aispyer.

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